Company History:

In 1954 Denali Transportation Corp. was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Founder Leo Schlotfeldt was committed to providing a superior transportation service at a time in Alaska when there was little infrastructure and a harsh, unforgiving environment. At that time, people depended on their resourcefulness and innovation to provide reliable transportation of goods. From the mid 1970’s until 1999, Denali Group, Inc. grew and expanded from their Fairbanks base to include their present locations in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Seattle.

Denali is no longer a small family business. We are proud to employ over 100 people in three different cities. Denali is an Alaskan corporation. The Denali Group is comprised of a network of independent divisions capable of transporting household goods and freight to or from any point in the world.

With operations in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Seattle, Denali maintains over 100,000 square feet of first class secure, climate controlled, monitored alarm with video surveillance warehouse space. Denali Group is dedicated to giving its customers excellent service, measured by their complete satisfaction.