Walt & Katherine Schlotfeldt – Owners & CEO
“We believe our employees are our most important asset.  We pledge to treat them like family and give them the resources to deliver excellent work, every day”.

Linda Neumann – Vice President, MIS
“People who enjoy what they do are usually the best at what they do. At Denali it is all about that balance. We work hard. We are a goal oriented, result driven company, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t lose perspective.”

Michael Gonzalez – Vice President, Agencies
“In my opinion, all great companies become so by doing something unique.  By employing unique strategies, business models, and operational practices; Denali Group stands apart from other transportation companies and WINS!  The employees that make up Denali Group are the true definition of unique.”

Kristin McFadden – Vice President, HR
“The company culture at Denali is unlike anything I’ve encountered in other family owned-businesses. Yes, profit matters. But at Denali the focus is not only on the numbers, it’s on the people. You would think that a company with multiple locations in two different states would not have a sense of cohesion,  but somehow, no matter which office you’re in, the atmosphere is the same. People work hard, they care about the company, and they feel like they are a part of a family. This, in my belief, is a credit to the ownership and the leadership at all levels. It’s the reason why people have spent their entire careers here. It’s the reason people stay.”